What is marketSMART2.0?

Our answer for clients looking to achieve a better ROI on their marketing campaigns.  Instead of just sending out a traditional solo direct mail campaign, marketSMART2.0 combines your direct mail with 7 digital technologies to create an omnichannel experience that increase your return on investment by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously.

How does it work?

Your direct mail pieces are mailed out to your mailing list.  Then marketSMART2.0 touches your audience simultaneously across the web while tracking engagement – Including visits to your website.  We provide a custom dashboard so you can easily track all of your campaign’s performance in real time!

marketSMART2.0 is comprised of 7 digital technologies geared towards maximizing results.  These 7 technologies include – 

Finally, complete attribution of your direct mail marketing campaigns!

We have a complete “The Future is NOW – marketSMART2.0 – 2021 Marketing Guide”  this guide actually provides you with the details of each technology we use to create marketSMART2.0 and you can do it yourself if you’d like.

Watch marketSMART2.0 in action!